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KwaZulu-Natal Battlefields

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This 12 bed intimate lodge is a stone’s throw away from the historically momentous Anglo-Zulu battlefields of Rorke’s Drift and Isandlwana where Zulu and British clashed in a devastating battle which had enormous consequences for the Zulu people. The lodge also offers a choice of authentic Zulu cultural experiences.

Architecturally inspired by the traditional Zulu beehive shape, the beehive suites offer panoramic views of the game reserve and its diverse habitats ranging from montane grassland to riverine forests.

The main lodge set amongst huge Buffalo Thorn Trees and dolorite boulders boasts a homely lounge with a large fireplace, a library, a unique bar carved out of a Wait-a-Bit Thorn Tree, a swimming pool with a view and spacious verandah. The privately set swimming pool has breathtaking views over the game reserve. Guests gather around the bar in the evenings to recall the days safari on the Anglo-Zulu Battlefields or a game walk on the game reserve.

Isibindi Zulu Lodge takes pride in its cuisine and has developed a reputation for its unique presentation of South African Fair. Breakfasts and lunches are either served al fresco at the swimming pool or on the verandah.

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Isibindi Game Reserve

iSibindi Zulu Lodge is situated within the 4000 acre Isibindi Eco-Reserve which offers diverse habitats ranging from montane grassland and valley thornveld to riverine forests. The reserve is home to abundant plains game, morning and evening game drives are offered and there is excellent bird watching. It is also quite safe to walk or take a picnic along one of the meandering river beds and view Giraffe, Zebra,Wildebeest and other plains game.

Battlefield tours

iSibindi Zulu Lodge offers guided tours of the Anglo-Zulu battlefields. Tours must be pre-booked so that arrangements can be made with our preferred guides to take the tours. The chilling accounts of the battles of Rorke’s Drift and Isandlwana present a deeper insight of the rich history in the area. Presented alongside the military narrative, a complete picture of the impact of the Anglo-Zulu campaign on both the Zulu and British nations is formed.

Zulu Culture and History

Isibindi Zulu Lodge offers the rare opportunity of learning about the Zulu culture and traditions as they remain in Zululand today. A Zulu Boma Dinner begins just as the sun starts setting, casting our hills in soft golden light. Guests are led down a narrow path to the beat of drums. As one emerges into a clearing coming across a historical Zulu uMuzi (village) the dancing bodies of Zulu children make for a profound experience. The traditional dances and their role in Zulu history and culture is explained amid the energetic displays. A separate day trip to a Zulu Homestead gives guests a rare chance to experience the life of a rural Zulu family which has remained largely unchanged over the past hundred years since Shaka Zulu forged this mighty nation.

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  • Zulu Inspired Thatch Beehive Suites
  • Located on a Private Game Reserve
  • Guided Battlefield Tours
  • Zulu Homestead Visit
  • Daily Game Drives
  • High Quality Meals

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