Impressing Guests At Rhino River Lodge

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Dani and Jon stayed with us at Rhino River Lodge for two nights at the beginning of November.

After having just spent time visiting the Timbavati and Sabi Sands, they’d already had 14 leopard sightings, seen lots of white rhino, as well as lions, wild dogs with pups, giraffe, zebras and pretty much everything else. Hence, the pressure was on to impress them. We needn’t have worried, however, as between our brilliant ranger Kyle, and all that the Zululand Rhino Reserve has on offer, we were covered. After their trip, Dani and Jon contacted us to let us know just how much they enjoyed their stay with us.

Here is what they had to say…

“We are now back in London after our great South Africa round trip and are still absolutely amazed by what we saw and experienced. We wanted to say thank you for everything you guys did to make our stay (around 1st of November) so amazing. Kyle, especially, did an outstanding job as our ranger.


Why are we boosting his ego so much? Poor Kyle was up against a lot. What could he show us that we hadn’t seen? How could the game drive be any different? Plus, the weather was quite rainy compared to super sunshine up north. Well, he made it happen: First drive and he delivers!


Not only is he very engaging and fun, he also works his magic and finds us: A cheetah! We were so thrilled and mind-blown by this beautiful animal, and of course Kyle’s sense to find it.


It was so fun how he managed to tell us loads of things about the animals and the bush that we hadn’t heard before. He also showed us ostrich (not ostriches as Dani learned), porcupines (3 in one night!) and a jackal. All animals we had not yet seen on our trip. The little jackal was particularly cute as he was hunting flying termites which had just came out after it rained in the morning. It was a delight to watch him jump and hunt.


Of course, the rest of the team were also great and made our stay very memorable. It was just the right amount of everything (well, a bit too much rain, but hey, that’s not in your power hehe) and a great last game reserve stop on our journey.”


Dani and Jon said they took over 2000 photos on their trip! Quite an impressive collection. While they couldn’t share them all with us, here a few from their stay at Rhino River Lodge:





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