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Collective nouns are an awesome tool that can be utilised to make Game Drives more fun. Often our Leopard Mountain guides, are asked the question ‘What do you call a bunch of (insert your preferred animal here)?’ The collective nouns of some of our animals are often quite humorous; for example, a crash or stubbornness of rhino. Anyone that has encountered a rhino in the middle of the road would definitely agree that they are very stubborn indeed making this a really apt description of rhino in general.

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When a herd of zebra scatter, they create great confusion with flashes of black and white stripes. This has a rather dazzling effect; hence they are called a dazzle of zebra. If you have ever been stared at by a herd of buffalo you would agree that a gang of buffalo is exactly what they are. A confusion of guinea fowl definitely bamboozle you with all their vocal complaints and an array of spotted feathers. Perhaps you have been lucky enough to spot a float of crocodiles or a kettle of vultures that circle in the sky looking for a meal, however once they have found that meal and concluded their feeding frenzy they find themselves a tree nearby to roost in so that they can digest their meal further and they become a venue of vultures.

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The most commonly known herd of elephants are also known as a parade of elephants, and most appropriately when fleeing through the bush a crash of elephants. Giraffe are almost certainly the most diverse as their collective nouns include a tower (when stationary), a journey when they are moving, a kindergarten, a corps or even a kaleidoscope of giraffe.

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A leap of leopards is certainly the most elusive collection of all and is not often seen, although if you are lucky enough to be in a position to use that one then you know the safari gods are shining down on you that day.

Written By: Darrel Camden Smith

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