Author: Carmen Barends

7 Explorers and an Antbear Travel the Berg

When I put 7 creative explorers together, (most of which I have only met online) and planned a weekend out in the Berg, you had better know there is an adventure on hand.  One that will have a great story to tell and new friendships to bear. Friday afternoon was unseasonably warm for the tail end of Winter. But since I am a Summer kind of gal, that made me pretty happy. My photographer friend and I (Kirsten Hughes Photography) headed out towards Mooi River and the green rolling farmlands for the weekend. There is something about those beautiful...

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5 Signs you should head out to the Midlands & Cherokee Cafe

Signs you should be out in the Midlands countryside This time of year it is remarkable the pull the countryside has for me. I am starting to feel a little stretched, like too little butter across a slice of toast, and am looking for a bit of relief.  Now, its not like this for everyone, but I find being out in the country provides that very relief in the form of wide open spaces, rolling hills and fields and a good dose of country quiet. What are some of the signs you should head out on the Midlands in KZN?...

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How Yard 41 could get you on the Kewl List

So when you hear about something exciting happening in Howick, you have got to know you pay attention.  Why?  Well, lets be honest, Howick is not the Metropolis for the hip and happening.  But if you live in the surrounds of this gorgeous tree clad town, you will know that it does have a special appeal and is definitely upping it’s kewl game. Yes, even you could be included on the who’s who list in Howick.  “How?” you ask with eyes wide in surprise.  Well, no guarantees here, but I could make a suggestion that could get you on...

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What do you know about the Blue Invention Experiment?

So its been a while…. for a lot of things really…. a blog piece a coffee Midlands visit… A good solid visit with a friend. Well, I am pleased to say that I managed to get all my favourites in, with a little bit of inventive flair. It was a gorgeous sunny Midlands day. The greens look greener, the sky looks bluer and those storm clouds only seem to add to the allure to the vista across the valley toward the Berg. Its like a scene from Thelma and Louise.  Well except I am not running from the law,...

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Exploring Paradise at Mavela Game Lodge

I wake to bushveld and rolling hills wondering if I am dreaming while I watch the giraffe lope up towards the ridge across the valley.  Sunrise is absolutely breathtaking and picturesque. The mist clings to the valleys as the sun starts to wake and stretches out its fingers toward Lake Jozini that lies beckoning in the distance.  Who wakes up to this?? At Mavela Game Lodge, it is just another day in paradise. Mavela Game Lodge is situated in the heart of the Zululand Rhino Reserve in KwaZulu-Natal.  This all inclusive luxury tented lodge has already been on the receiving end of awards...

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