Author: Mavela Game Lodge

Tree Climbing Lion in the Zululand Rhino Reserve

Its not often you’ll find a lion peacefully resting in the branches of a high tree. Lions don’t generally enjoy climbing trees and there may be a number of reasons for this. The most obvious is their sheer bulk with an adult female weighing between 100 and 164kg’s (males much more that this). In comparison, the leopard, an expert tree climber, weighs between 40 and 60Kg’s, a fair size smaller than the average lion. While its not common to see lion in trees there are a few places elsewhere in Africa which have become famous for their tree climbing...

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Cheetah of the Zululand Rhino Reserve

Cheetah are not always on the top of everyones must see list but they ought to be. These beautiful creatures are considered vulnerable species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. It is difficult to determine the exact reasons for their dwindling numbers but it is believed that habitat loss and their inability to compete with larger predators are the two biggest factors. We are fortunate to have a healthy population of cheetah on the Zululand Rhino Reserve. In recent months our guides, Brad and Andre, have thrilled our guests with regular sightings of these agile predators. In...

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