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Lending A helping hand at the Sekane Community Creche

An important part of conservation within Africa is community relations – maintaining good communication and mutually beneficial relationships with communities can go a long way to protecting wildlife and natural areas. Leopard Mountain Safari Lodge exists within Zululand Rhino Reserve, and as such strives to support the reserve management team’s projects in regards to conserving fauna and flora, but also supporting, improving and enriching the lives of community members surrounding the reserve. After all, many of the staff members you will meet during your stay at Leopard Mountain will be from those communities, it’s always important to look after...

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The Kingfisher – King of the Fisher’s or not?

King of the Fishers………….Or are they? Leopard Mountain’s Walking Safari’s guide Darrel Camden Smith tells us a little bit more about the Kingfisher family. Not all Kingfishers are fishermen. Those that are though are very accomplished fisherman.  Those that don’t fish feed on a variety of insects, arachnids and small vertebrates; however no matter what their diet Kingfishers are in fact highly skilled and efficient at hunting.   Some interesting Kingfisher facts …. Kingfishers have 87 different species around the world with probably the most famous one the Kookaburra from Australia. Kingfishers are mostly migrants especially in areas where...

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Get to know your Safari lingo with Leopard Mountain Safari Lodge

Collective nouns are an awesome tool that can be utilised to make Game Drives more fun. Often our Leopard Mountain guides, are asked the question ‘What do you call a bunch of (insert your preferred animal here)?’ The collective nouns of some of our animals are often quite humorous; for example, a crash or stubbornness of rhino. Anyone that has encountered a rhino in the middle of the road would definitely agree that they are very stubborn indeed making this a really apt description of rhino in general. When a herd of zebra scatter, they create great confusion with flashes of...

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MY PERFECT PAMPER ‘SPArtie’ At Leopard Mountain

As we reach the downhill slope towards the end of the year everyone is starting to feel the strain of winter and a tough year. At the start of this downhill slope is the month of August, which coincidentally is also known as Women’s Month here in South Africa. So what better way to celebrate the month than with a complete day of pampering. If it were me having a complete day of pampering the Africology Spa at Leopard Mountain, is what I would treat myself too. I would start it all with a rejuvenating African Journey, followed by...

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An Elephant’s trunk

Working at Leopard Mountain Safari Lodge allows us guides and rangers the ability to envelope ourselves in nature 24/7, it’s a special gift that guests and visitors only get a glimpse of during their visits. We get to see Mother Nature’s good and bad side, when she giveth and when she taketh away! On a recent game drive the Leopard Mountain team got to show our guests some of that ‘giveth’ I was talking about when we came across a herd of elephants with their newborns. Now elephants on a given day fascinate me, especially their trunks, but baby...

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