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Are you looking to increase your brand’s online exposure through a dedicated KwaZulu-Natal travel portal?

As a specialist destination blog, listing on #ThisIsKZN gives your brand exposure to an audience with a keen interest in travel throughout KwaZulu-Natal.

Listing your property on #ThisIsKZN gives you access to our audience in a varierty of ways including a full page product listing, access to our blog to share your stories as well as advertising banners visible throughout the website.  We also encourage you to use the tag #ThisisKZN when posting on social media and contact us directly to plan a dedicated #ThisisKZN travel campaign to your region.

Why work with #ThisIsKZN

Targeted Audience

Listing your property/attraction on ThisisKZN gives your product or destination exposure to a growing audience of online followers with a keen interest in KwaZulu-Natal. The full width page listing includes detailed information on your product, large images as well as live availability.

Share Your Stories

Use our travel blog to post news and stories from your piece of KwaZulu-Natal paradise. Sharing authentic stories from our product or destination gives our audience a taste of what they can expect when visiting you. When posting on social media, use the tag #ThisIsKZN so we can share your stories with our community.

Travel Campaigns

We run dedicated #ThisIsKZN travel campaigns. Invite #ThisIsKZN and our expert contributors to create customised travel campaigns with you to increase your product’s exposure through a variety of online channels. Our travel bloggers and social influencers have access to a wider audience where you can further increase your exposure.

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